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Production name: metal filter annulus, filter leaf, filter tray.
The main material are stainless steel braiding net, stainless steel sintered tarpaulin, phosphor copper mesh, brass mesh aluminum foil mesh, etc. The style is round, rectangle, circular, oval and so on. It can be one-layer or multi-layers.Serging material is aluminium plate, stainless steel plate, galvanizing plate, titanium plate, rubber and other special material. It also can be made by customers¨ requirements.

    025 filter annulus, spray filter screen         026 rubber serging filter leaf

      027 stainless steel filter leaf           028 stainless steel filter leaf,
                                phosphor copper mesh filter leaf

     029 aluminum foil filter screen               030 oil screen

     031 stainless steel oil screen           032 stainless steel filter sieve plate

     033 stainless steel sieve tray           034 stainless steel oil screen
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