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Production name: medical disinfection basket, medical disinfection shelve.
We are a special enterprise for producing various styles of stainless steel disinfection basket and disinfection shelve
The main material: 304、304L、316、316L stainless steel electric welding mesh, stainless steel braiding net, stainless steel punching mesh.
Capability: nontoxic, tasteless, stable and durable. It is mainly used in disinfection of Medical Apparatus, food appliance, laboratory, etc. The productions¨ style can be designed by customers¨ requirements.

     043 stainless steel test-tube shelve       044 stainless steel disinfection basket

      045 multi-stainless steel disinfection plate    046 stainless steel disinfection shelve,
                                 stainless steel disinfection plate.

     047 multi-stainless steel disinfection plate     048stainless steel disinfection shelve,
                                 stainless steel disinfection plate.
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