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Production name: cylindrical metal filter core
Material:304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel wire woven cloth, stainless steel sintered fiber net, stainless steel sintered mesh and other kinds of material for the filter media. And we adopt all kinds of perforated stainless steel mesh for the supporting net and the outer protective cover.
(1)Due to the scientific structure, there is no way for filter media migration.
(2)With a great wide range of operating temperature, it can work safely and permanently under the temperature of -270!400<C.
(3)As the stable performance of stainless steel material,it won¨t separate any deleterious substance both in high and low temperature.
(4)With a high capability against corrosion, it won¨t be damaged both under the condition of acid and alkali.
(5)Tt can be cleaned by very easily.
(6)With a longer service life.Specifications:filtraion rate ranges from 2μm to 200μm.
And we can also design and produce all kinds of filters according to the clients¨ requirements.(dimension,filtration rate ,filtration area and bearing capacity.)
Usage:it is mainly used in petroleum industry,chemical industry,heavy-duty machince industry,food processing industry,pharmaceutical industry,environmentl-protect industry and ship manufacturing industry ect.

       009 stainless steel filter core           010 stainless steel filter core

       011 sintered mesh filter core            012 sintered mesh filter core

     013stainless steel sintered core filte         014 stainless steel folding filter

    015 filter core for heavy-duty machines        016 stainless steel filter core

Please see stainless steel filter core¨s structure in the right map:
   1.The material is stainless steel and it is clean. The lifetime is long.
   2. Outer protective column can avoid breakage when the filter core is installed.
   3.Accordion wave zone can large the filter area, improve the lifetime and reduce the cost.
   4. Pyramidal design on the top is contributed to improve the discharge.
   5.High-quality sintered tarpaulin which was imported can filter precisely.
   6. It is easy to dismount the filter element and it also avoid reducing the discharge in the bonding pad.
   7.Compressive stress to support the core is up to 175 MPa.
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